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These are our frequently asked questions that we receive here at Inspect4u from student's .We have comprised the most important questions and answers to help you in understanding the field of home inspections and our training program.

Q. Does your school certify home inspectors once I complete the course?

A. No school in the world can certify a student. We are the education part and certification is done after our course by an independent governing Home Inspection certification  body.

Q. What makes your course different than others such as College courses or online?

A.  First off the cost and time. Our course is affordable for student's. We are one of the few Canadian Schools that conduct virtual hands on training as well as ongoing support, mentorship and distance learning. There is no home inspection school in Canada that supports its students thereafter such as ours.

Q. Is this course Government recognised or am I government/province certified when I am done?

A. The Inspect4u course is recognized for licensing in the provinces of Alberta and BC the only provinces to license home inspectors in Canada currently, all other provinces our course is recognized and accredited towards certification of home inspectors by national certification with the Canadian National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Q. What associations are you recognized with?

A. There are several home inspector associations in Canada such as CanNACHI, Inter-Nachi, Alberta-Nachi, OAHI, IHINA, ASHI etc. As one of Canada's largest schools Inspect4u has chosen to be affiliated with national certification body’s not inter-provincial ones due to higher certification standards for our students. We have aligned ourselves and received course approvals, recognition and accreditations by the largest national and most recognized government approved associations in Canada that are CanNACHI, Inter-Nachi and IHINA.

Q. How long is your course?

A. Our course in-class, virtual hands on and distance learning is 228 hrs in total.

Q. Where does one find work in this industry once I am ready to inspect?

A. Almost  95% of all home inspectors work comes  from Real Estate agents, the good thing about this is that you do not have to sell home inspections to them as they know what we do and home inspections is  part of the RE clause in every home sale. One has to build relationships with them and we train you for this in-class.

Q. What education or background is needed to enter the field of home inspections?

A. It is preferable to have building related or some mechanical knowledge but like any career change one wishes to do if your lacking or have weaknesses in a topic we do guide and encourage our students to complete upgrading in select topics they struggle with.

Inspect 4u has trained successful inspectors across Canada who have been carpenters, builders, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, renovators, etc.

Q. How long will it take for me to be inspecting for real money once I complete the course?

A. As mentioned earlier we monitor our student's progress continuously after our course but on the average and depending if the student will be inspecting part-time or full-time it can take from 1-3 months from course completion to working for real money in the industry.

Q. Is there any further costs to occur after the Inspect4u course?

A. There are no further costs involved with our training program however there are costs involved for licensing, association registration, tool costs etc.

Q. How do I register with Inspect4u?

A. With our busy Canada schedule and limited class seating and most of our courses only run a few times yearly in each province we do always fill up so it is important to register online if you wish to reserve a seat.

Our office administrator will confirm within 24hrs from the time your registration form is received that your seat has been reserved.


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