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The Business/Training In General

There has never been a stronger demand for Home Inspectors and Home Inspections as there is today.  Due in part to, deficiencies and construction practices, materials and workmanship as well as the environment and the need to protect today's consumer.  The client wants better information and maximum value that is often their  largest investment of his/her life.

Inspect4u has established a comprehensive Home Inspection training course that is user friendly in the understanding and comprehension of home inspections. 

Entrepreneur Magazine predicts home inspections will grow by 400% with the forecast of 10 to 15 million inspections needed over the next 5 years in Canada and the U.S.A.

Inspect4u is a leader in Home Inspections training for anyone interested in becoming a Home Inspector. Our systematic approach to home inspections and its related training both in theory, distance learning and virtual hands on training provide a winning unmatched combination towards all our student's successes. 

Training is in-depth/detailed and with a solid track record from professional inspectors with over decades of experience in the field using tips and tricks of the trade and knowledge to share with students.


Our company believes in the philosophy of proper training both in the field and practical with ongoing education, customer care  and service This is what makes our students business successful.


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