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Why Inspections?

Why Home Inspections As A Business$$$ 

Did you ever consider becoming a Home Inspector?

Inspect4u (Canada) offers this unique opportunity with hands on training.

10 Reasons  Why Home Inspections Is An Ideal Home Based Business.

1.  No franchise fees (with our courses)
2.  Minimal start-up costs
3.  Run as a part-time or full time business
4.  Unlimited income potential and expansion
5.  Growing demand for Home Inspectors
6.  Immediate cash flow benefits/onsite payment
7.  Flexibility-set your own hours
8.  Short term start up training
9.  Very low overhead
10.Very exciting and lucrative career

There has never been such a strong demand for Home Inspectors. Nearly 90% of all Real Estate transactions request a Home Inspection. It's a very rewarding career with the average Home Inspection running @ a current $325.00 + per home, taking into consideration that an inspections is completed within a 3 hr time frame.


If you do choose this career as a profession, you can set your own time schedule and reap the full financial rewards of your labour.  Provide your clients with good service they will repay your efforts time and time again referring you to others.

Home Inspectors can make a substantial living performing Home Inspections. On the average two Home Inspections could be properly performed per day.  You can run this business even part-time easily, in the evenings and weekends performing as little as 3 inspections a week. See how easily this part-time income can replace your full time one.



When you warn a client about a serious housing defect that can be costly in the long term "you become their best friend for life", and you equally feel satisfied when you have educated your clients about their home they are purchasing and therefore are able to make an informed decision.

"Being In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself"


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